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Managing front and back office operations for your staffing business is a complex and constantly changing challenge. BWSI offers a comprehensive answer: an advanced software platform for your staffing enterprise, paired with a proven outsourcing solution for back office operations.

BWSI offers the technology and staffing industry expertise to help you grow your staffing enterprise at the pace you want. Our specialized staffing solutions include:

  • Compliance Assurance
    BWSI provides a 100-percent compliance assurance guarantee that spans federal, state and local taxation and legal regulations.
  • No-Penalty Guarantee
    BWSI stands behind its process. If you get penalized for non-compliance, BWSI pays 100 percent of the penalty charge on your behalf.
  • Benchmarking Best Practices
    Understand how your staffing enterprise stacks up against the competition. BWSI collects information from across the staffing industry and helps you optimize your operation for success.
  • Growth-Aligned Engagement
    Grow your business to the size you want at a pace suitable for you. BWSI's services align to your vision and your growth.
  • Profitability Predictor
    Know the true margin of each staffing engagement, and forecast your profit margins before the work even begins.
  • D3 Data Fluidity
    Ensure your data moves smoothly between all functions and everyone in your organization with BWSI's D3 Data Fluidity system.

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